MobileBio® FaceMatch® is a modular facial recognition platform technology that can be applied to a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Depending on the number of cameras available and level of security desired, FaceMatch® uses advanced facial recognition algorithms to allow the user access to their device, data, or door.

The technology can be hosted on the device or configured to access cloud computing for remote authentication via NXT-ID’s BioCloud® Authentication and Identity Management Services. The technology will also soon be available as an “app” on the iPhone and Android platforms.

One of the major areas of concern with facial recognition is user privacy with most companies utilizing private data for other marketing purposes. A FaceMatch® based facial recognition system can be customized to retain no personal information on the user as required to address any privacy issues.



FaceMatch can be customized to retain no personal information about the user.


FaceMatch utilizes passive identification to make authorization less cumbersome.


Use FaceMatch in conjunction with other NXT-ID products to provide secure multi-factor authentication

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